The Mythical Pocket Watch

This is my response to tonight’s Inkwell Imaginings prompt:
The attic was a cramped room full to the burst with boxes; dust floated adrift through the confined quarters of the room, causing the boy to sneeze as some of it tickled at the inside of his nostrils. Aside from that, it was all normal save for the odd glow coming from a very old framed portrait leaning up against the wall that was full-length. The gilted frame was coated in a thick layer of dust. In the portrait was a sea that was literally glowing with churning waves crashing down on the sandy shore of an island.
Upon closer inspection of that peculiar picture with the magically moving sea there appeared to be something small and gold sticking halfway out of the sand on the beach. Leaning closer toward the frame, the young boy felt himself lose his balance and fall into – not against – and beyond the surface of the portrait.
Inhaling sharply, he went free-falling through open a murky type of mist and blue-ish smoke and wound up gulping in a mouthful of saltwater as he splashed into the water he had just been peering at from the other side of a portrait.
“What in the world – ” he sputtered out.
Looking around while pumping his skinny legs to stay afloat, he was able to find the strip of beach off to his left. At first he tried to fight the current to reach the shore, but then remembered what his dad about going with the ocean drift, which would eventually lead you to land. That took several minutes of him doggy paddling while being carried by any wave that floated into shore.
When he had reached shallow water where he could finally reach the ground, the boy wadded the rest of the way to the sandy shore and looked around. It took him no time to notice the glimmer of gold sticking out of the sand that had piqued his interest so much. He walked over toward it and leaned down to snatch it up once he had reached it: it was a pocket watch.
That was it. All that mystique and wonder he had felt over a simple, old fashioned pocket watch. He felt let down somehow. But then something suddenly happened to the watch. Or rather a couple of somethings. First, he could feel it in his hand thumping from within the device, shortly followed by bright green rays of slight stretching out of the cracks. Lifting the pocket watch up to his ear, he could hear the tinkering of the gadgets on the inside working, making a steady tick tock ticking sound.
What happened next was stranger, unexplainable. He went to pry the rusted edges open, which only engulfed him in the glowing green light that had been escaping through the cracks before, but now encompassed him within it. And just like that it all ended as the boy was snatched through time and space, leaving the mythical beach within portrait. What he saw when the green glow died around him shocked him.

New Year’s Resolutions

Here’s to New Year’s resolutions, which lead to new starts that I will do my very best to keep going. Besides, I figured since wordpress is a legit blog I’d be more inclined to keep up with it. So, the majority of my blogs will mostly be about my day-to-day life so I understand completely if you choose not to follow my posts since I’m pretty dull considering most of my time is spent doing schoolwork what with being a full-time university student and all.  But, anyway, it’s a start.

As I get used to posting on a regular basis, I’ll become more open about some of the fiction I write as I am a writer, as well.  And I suppose that’s all for this first post.  I’ll try to post blog posts on a weekly schedule as I doubt I’ll find the time to post daily entries.  But once a week is doable.  Tah for now. 🙂