New Year’s Resolutions

Here’s to New Year’s resolutions, which lead to new starts that I will do my very best to keep going. Besides, I figured since wordpress is a legit blog I’d be more inclined to keep up with it. So, the majority of my blogs will mostly be about my day-to-day life so I understand completely if you choose not to follow my posts since I’m pretty dull considering most of my time is spent doing schoolwork what with being a full-time university student and all.  But, anyway, it’s a start.

As I get used to posting on a regular basis, I’ll become more open about some of the fiction I write as I am a writer, as well.  And I suppose that’s all for this first post.  I’ll try to post blog posts on a weekly schedule as I doubt I’ll find the time to post daily entries.  But once a week is doable.  Tah for now. 🙂


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