Favorite Books with Strong Female Friendships

Responding to Epic Read’s #Womance discussion on female friendships in YA novels on today’s Tea Time. They were talking about the lack of female friendships and I decided to pull down my favorite books that have strong friendships between female lead characters in them. There are three I’m going to mention and of those three only one is a YA. The other two are classified under Adult as Women’s Fiction, but fans of YA would still enjoy both.

1. Audrey and Lindsay in The Boyfriend App, by Katie Sise

These two characters are cousins, but they’re also best friends. Lindsay helps Audrey get the news about her app out there via posting a review about using it on her popular blog. Audrey leans toward Lindsay for advise as to how to publicize and get the word out about her app. These two work as a team and grow stronger together throughout the novel. There isn’t any cattiness between these two and they look out for each other. I recommend this for fans of YA contemporary, as well as for those who love the movie Mean Girls.

2. TullyandKate in Firefly Lane, by Kristin Hannah

This novel spans over three decades, showing the friendship of TullyandKate from teenagers into adulthood. It shows their ups and downs, but what’s more inspiring is the fact that no matter the faults in their friendship they still come right back together as friends. I recommend this to fans of contemporary as well as to YA fans that are looking for Adult fiction to read. Also, you will cry as this is a feel-worthy novel.

3. Lexi and Mia in Night Road, by Kristin Hannah

Even though this is Women’s fiction, YA fans will enjoy it because three of the main characters are teenagers at the beginning and by the end their still only in their twenties. The friendship of Lexi and Mia is a strong one and even though there is one fight between them, they overcome and join forces again. I recommend this to any and all fans of contemporary fiction. But I must warn you that you will cry and experience the feels while reading this.