Top Fantasy Reads | 2015

I like a good fantasy novel, so here are some of my favorites. Just to be fair on other fantasy novels, I’m not going to include Harry Potter in this list; look at my list of posts for the Harry Potter book tag. It’s no competition with Harry Potter because I grew up with that series; it was the series that got me into reading.

  • An Ember in the Ashes by Saba Tahir – This is the first book in a new series that came out a few months ago. I liked it a lot, especially the fact that there really isn’t any romance in it. You see more character development because the two main characters that the perspective shifts between don’t even meet until close to the halfway part, and even then their encounters are spaced out. It has a middle eastern feel to the atmosphere of the world the story’s set in. The author also doesn’t shy away from violence, which is nice to read because most of the time in YA violence and sensitive topics/themes are glossed over, barely touched, but Tahir goes all in. The action/adventure in this will also pull you right in.
  • Ink and Bone by Rachel Caine – Another first book in a new series that came out last month. If you love books and reading, then you need to read this. The Great Library in Alexandria controls what can be read and the librarians don’t allow anyone to own originals. You have to read what’s available on the Codex, which the library controls by keeping titles that they allow the people to read. The main character, Jess, is one of the teenagers that gets accepted into the librarian training program. It’s definitely an adventure type of fantasy. It gave me the same feeling that reading Harry Potter gives me, which naturally means it’s sucked me right in.
  • Uprooted by Naomi Novak – This is everything and more that I want in a fantasy. It’s an original fairy tale of its own making. There’s a dragon, of sorts, a girl who discovers she can harness magic, and a magical wood. The world that this story is crafted in feels as real as our own. I loved everything about it. It’s also a standalone fantasy, and its extremely satisfying as just a standalone, which is hard to come by with other standalone novels in the fantasy genre.
  • Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman – This list wouldn’t be complete without a Neil Gaiman novel. American Gods is also notable, though I like Anansi Boys just a bit more. It’s twisted and fantastical and I loved every bit of it. It’s also an adult fantasy. Gaiman just rules over the genre of fantasy. If you only read one of his books, then make it this one.
  • Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch – This is a first book in a new series (or is it a trilogy?); the sequel comes out this fall. I loved this. It’s a great high fantasy and the world is crafted into four seasons (places) that are at war, so to speak. Well, at least Autumn and Winter are at war. Winter was wiped out by Autumn and years later the Winter heir lashes back. The writing is also beautiful.

There you have it. These are my top fantasy favorites. I’ve left out some purposely because they deserve their own posts. Let me know if you’ve read some of these, or any that you want to read. Happy reading!


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