Top 5 Wednesday | Fandoms

It’s been a couple months since I blogged because November was even more emotionally stressing, but then it got better when I was moved back to the classroom I worked in the precious school year. But then I started working at a daycare in the two-year-old classroom in the afternoons after I left the school until 6:30pm. But I’m going to get back into blogging because I’ve missed it and had been doing so good for such a solid period of time. Anyway, I just can’t pass over last Wednesday’s T5W topic on fandoms, what with being a nerd myself because fandoms helped me find some great friends that I still communicate with to this day. Top 5 Wednesday was created by gingerreadslainey and you can become a T5W blogger by joining the goodreads group.

So without further ado, I give you my top five fandoms.

  1. Harry Potter – I basically discovered fandoms the summer that the final HP book was released (2007) and it was perfect. I didn’t want the series to end and so it was fitting that I found Harry Potter fanfiction (which was my first foray into fanfic) and found some great online friends on a HP forums board. I also went to a few LeakyCons (both times that it was in Orlando [2011 & 2014] and in Portland [2013]). I have made lasting friendships from LeakyCon that I won’t ever let go of. The HP fandom is more like a family of nerds than anything else. Basically, it’s the nicest fandom you will ever come across.
  2. Book Blogging community – Book lovers are just a great bunch of people and I’ve made so many friends within the book blogging community that I trust to give honest reviews.
  3. Doctor Who – Whovians are just an awesome bunch, and a lot of them are HP nerds, too. Basically it’s a win.
  4. BBC Sherlock – Basically the same to be said as the DW fandom.
  5. Goodreads – Which should just be coupled with book blogging community, but I’ll count it separate because I’m a part of some reading groups on goodreads and have met some great bloggers through those groups.

And that’s a wrap on that. I’m planning on drafting a reading wrap-up to cover the books I read in the last couple months within the next few days, so look for that.