The 5th Wave | Movie Review

I haven’t read the book and had no intention of reading it. Now I still don’t plan on reading it since it just hadn’t sparked enough interest to land on my ever-growing TBR. I didn’t particularly enjoy the film, either. It was too perfect, too Hollywood.

The main character, Cassie, had perfect hair and make-up despite spending the majority of the film running through the woods. The romance between the characters seemed too forced and not at all natural. There just wasn’t any on-screen chemistry. It also didn’t hold that the aliens apparently could manipulate the kids and the not the adults; it just wasn’t elaborated on. I suppose you could surmise that it’s because kids’ minds are generally more malleable since their brains aren’t fully developed. But that’s the logical answer that you can come up with on your own. Maybe there was another reason that wasn’t explained.

It also didn’t help that Cassie didn’t really know what she would find when she got to the base where her brother had been taken (which for all she knew he had been taken there to keep safe from the “others”). But when she got there she suddenly knew that she should fight and kill the woman that was processing her into the system at the base. The “others” had taken over the army base (they can take humans {adults} as hosts, but not children). It was just too sudden a revelation that wasn’t explained for her to act out so violently, especially since it wasn’t explained how she could have discovered what was truly being done on base until she was there.

I’d rate this film a B-, though, because it wasn’t bad, just not believable. Obviously it’s science fiction, but you want the world and plot to be in-depth enough that you find yourself getting lost in the story. I didn’t feel any of that watch this film. I felt that it was your stereotypical dystopian made for Hollywood type of film.



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