Book Review – In Real Life by Jessica Love

Quick summary: This is about two high school seniors that have been communicating online for the past four years finally meet at a concert in Las Vegas. Secrets and insecurities come out.

Assessment: I didn’t particularly enjoy the story line. I thought it was written in a fast pace, but it read slower than the plot unfolded in. It just seemed very juvenile, more so than young adult nowadays. The characters needed to grow up; they acted more like middle schoolers than high schoolers. I also wasn’t on board with them diving into a real relationship because I felt nothing for them. I just wanted it to end so I would be finished reading it. The characters just weren’t well-rounded enough for me. They didn’t leap from the page.

Overall: I rated this 2.5 stars because I just wasn’t into, but that doesn’t mean other readers won’t enjoy it. I’m just not a fan of YA contemporary. When I read literary fiction, it’s usually adult because I like being able to think about the plot and characters as I read the story. This just didn’t make me think at all. It was all laid out in front of me and I felt let down that I didn’t want to know what was going to happen because I was always a step ahead, predicting what was going to happen. Very predictable, but again a lot of readers like predictability in YA contemporary; it can be very mind-numbing, and there are lots of readers that love that. No shame in that. Everyone has their favorite fictional genre that they read like crack literature. Mine’s psychological thrillers.


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