Book Review – We Should Hang Out Sometime by Josh Sundquist

The prose in this memoir was extremely relatable and laugh-out-loud funny. The reality that sprang from the pages was refreshing. Personally, I like reading memoirs about other people’s awkward dating past. It’s refreshing to see through another person’s eyes that it’s not just you that experience the awkwardest of dates, but also others, too. Everyone has dates that they feel uncomfortable and awkward while on them that send them running in the opposite direction once the date is actually over. I’ve been on my fair share of awkward dates. No fun. But they’re fun to laugh at after the fact, when you’re writing about them in your journal.

What was refreshing about this from the other dating memoir that I’ve read was that Josh actually looked up the girls the had ‘hanged with’ and thought he was dating to get their take on why they had never actually gone past the friend zone. He ended up figuring out that it had been him holding back from making a move despite the girl he was with at any time waiting for him to make the first move. A bit old fashioned. There’s nothing wrong with a girl making the first move, though personally I’m a bit old fashioned myself. Nothing wrong with wanting a guy to pursue you. Except the nice guys are usually painfully shy and awkward at the best of times.

Overall: I rated it 4 stars. The narrative was light and it made for an excellent fast and enjoyable read. I enjoyed it a lot. I was in the mood to read a memoir since it had been a while and this quenched my mind.


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