Book Review: Tape by Steven Camden

This was the type of novel that got better the further in you got as the plot evolved into a grander picture. The first half is pretty elusive, but as it all starts to fall into place you can’t help but like it. Also, you can’t help but believe in fate and how things in the universe happen for a reason, how two people could find each other face-to-face after many years have built up between them and they still feel that instant pull of attraction for one another. It gives you faith that everyone has someone out there.

I did like how the story was told from two different time periods and that we didn’t exactly know it until the story started weaving itself together with the clues the author started feeding to his readers. The coming together of the two times seemed a bit outlandish and cliche, but it actually worked in the way the novel was written. I loved the importance of the tape and the shell and how both held Ryan and Eve together, even while they were apart. Great story.